2016 Taipei Auto Show



2016 Taipei Auto Show
TWTC Nankang Exhibition Hall  J815
period: July 1 ~ July 4, 2016 10:00AM~6:00PM

2016 Taipei Auto Show will be held in the Nangang Exhibition Hall debut July 1 to 4, bringing together the major brands unprecedented. It covers not only large luxury cars, medium competent car, small family car, RV SUVs, sports cars, Crossovers, energy-saving diesel SUV will, supercar, factory cars, modified cars, locomotives and other visual system modification, all kinds of steam locomotive zero Accessories also contend emerge.

Taiwan brand carlife developed X-Series Nano ceramic Window Film, Taiwan's only awarded the Ministry of Economic Affairs ITRI nano-certified, can block UV 99.8 and 98% infrared, no glare, can not afford to white mist. No metal component does not obstruct GPS / 3C product reception. And catch the web boom, stick X-Series body send British wind reverse umbrella aesthetic wisdom, thus obtaining a high degree of inquiry before the show did not debut.

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