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Concept of Window Film

Concept 1: There are two kinds of sunlight. One is visible light(Heat source but not feel hot and let us be able to see objects). The other is invisible, infrared , UV (99.9% heat source)

Concept 2: Blocking light is not equal to heat insulation. The heat which we feel is (invisible infrared, UV) but not visible light.

Concept 3: There is 8-15% decay rate about window film. If need to maintain good heat insulation rate, it is necessary to replace new for 5 years.  

Concept 4: Higher about visible light transmittance, better about driver’s sight, more safe.

That is the main reason why well-known Benz BMW Toyota Honda Nissan ..etc, delay to include window film in due to the most important consideration about “safety” when driving.

Sun light wave

Solar energy is mainly composed by following three parts:
UV radiation, visible radiation, and near-infrared spectrum
Infrared - wavelength 2100nm, ratio 53%. 99.9% heat which let us feel hot is infrared but not
visible light.
V.L.T-wavelength 780nm, ratio 43%, let us able to see objects and not feel hot even though having heat source.
UV-wavelength 380nm, ratio 3%, damage to the skin, resulting in dark spots and even skin cancer, and damage to eyes.

The feature of these three different radiation (energy) is about different spectral wavelengths.  The shortest UV wave is from 280 to 380nm. Human eye can’t see UV.

V.L.T. is from 380 to 780nm. Infrared is the longest wave(also called invisible solar) from 780 to 4045nm.

High Insulation film and Nanotechnology.

High insulation film is the nanotechnology to use special tiny metal elements attached to insulation film. It can effectively cut off from infrared and UV outside. Because the molecules are very small , they can maintain high transparency to have driver improve visible sight, insulation ratio 19~22%, and improve traffic safety. Since appearance of nanotechnology rapidly improved the insulation effect/visible light of insulation film.

Super nano stealth fighter IF series-high technology insulation film

Ultra-high anti-UV: Ultra-high UV resistant. Effectively reduce about sunscreen, extend the decoration life of car internally, and prevent from cracking/damage.
High wear resistance, super wear resistance. Coating avoid damage when usually washing cars and cleaning glass
Increase traffic safety: Ordinary glass can achieve the effect of explosion-proof. To avoid  glass burst scattering to cause injury to human
High insulation/energy saving: block 85~97% of infrared, reduce the air conditioning load of car, and improve engine efficiency   
Innovation and Technology: Advanced Micro Nano ceramic sputtering technology.. It does not prevent interference with electronic waves, mobile phones, satellite navigation, and other electronic products

test of insulation film effect

Eye cannot distinguish the heat insulation function of insulation film, service life, UV effect, good or bad quality.

In addition to sending our insulation film to  Republic of China Industrial Technology Research Institute to test,  they are all tested by instruments.  Test methods of UV test equipment are as shown

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