Creative-Shades has been established for twenty nine years since 1986. Recent 10 years the cost factor caused many manufacturers to move to China. It is difficult for us to stay in Taiwan to do export business. We focus on product development and the quality management. Export orders are almost from Japanese customers who emphasize on quality. 70% turnover of export business are from Japanese customers. During that period we really appreciated one of our Japanese customers. These years we were continuously trained and corrected about concept, especially their quality requirements. All were performed under concept of quality first. During this period there still met several hundreds of million about returns, which we learned about painful experience. After that , there is left the persistent notion about quality first, which we also learned a lots from Japanese. Without this Japanese customer, it would not achieve Creative-Shades Today. We indeed thank them very much.


In Taiwan manufacturing gradually declines and service business gradually rises. We want to transit from manufacturing-based to service business. The main business is to focus on consumers and offer to automotive insulation markets with high-quality/high-efficiency insulation papers. In 2005 we finally decided to create our own brand. We have made the United States, mainland China and Taiwan brand trademark rights, uphold the “design ahead”, “quality first” concept, direct control of marketing channels, generating awareness of Car life ! Our quality requirements more stringent and research and development capabilities of excellence! Since 2009, the success of research and development that is transparent and heat insulation of nanotechnology, so that the paper can provide more insulation barrier infrared, low light reflectivity, and insulation paper having a substantial effect. Also continue to inform consumers excellent insulation paper, [] and [low barrier infrared reflectivity (safety) are insulating paper] is the most important condition!

In order to grasp the quality, in the car at the cost of the curtains we choose to do swimsuit crystal silk and Lycra to do our car curtains, from the fabric filter, light fastness of the process, from plant to fabric dyeing and finishing plant In order to make the color of each batch of the same fabric, even with a specification that cloth machine, a dye vat, the fabric into the plant IQC, DQC, FQC also detailed regulation and norms, sewing size of the stringent requirements, each fold King fixed size, are not allowed more than a needle, each slider in the middle, each one have been Needle ensure consumer safety, quality came out in each needle every line in the request, with the production designer bag Car life standards to car curtains, waiting to understand the texture of high taste consumers.


We uphold the “innovation, reasonable, good faith” business philosophy, product innovation, management systems must rationalization; for customers, employees, vendors must be honest to be, respect for employees, depending on the vendor as a partner, so far More than 70% of suppliers are still twenty years ago, the first batch of suppliers, everyone fortunes co-create the future together.

Reduce carbon emissions love the earth. Faced with recent global warming and climate change is more severe, a deeper realization of major companies to take the lead responsibility for environmental protection, including this car Drawn curtains using natural raw material manufacturing, minus

Brand from Taiwan, technology from all over the world!

Being E-generation about diplomacy of Taiwan brand, we will bring Taiwan brand to all over the world! To provide the best window film in the market, Taiwan brand CarLife is absolutely trustworthy!

We only focus on car heat insulation!

- CarLife

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